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FBI agents raid Fisher Island property of Russian Oligarch with ties to Putin

(AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana, File)

(FISHER ISLAND, FLA) – FBI officials reportedly raided the luxurious properties belonging to a Russian Oligarch billionaire with direct ties to Vladimir Putin, according to NBC.

Agents executed the raids at estates belonging to Mr Vekselberg, owner of the Russian Renova Group, within Miami’s elite Fisher Island, a Hamptons property, a Park Avenue establishment in Manhattan, and a home at Duck Pond Lane in New York.

Vekselberg had his $90m and 255-foot yacht nicknamed ‘Tango’ seized by officials of KleptoCapture, a task force targeted towards the seizure of Russian property, back in April at the Marina Real in Palma De Mallorca, Spain.

The task force claims the billionaire purchased his beloved Tango in 2011, but concealed proof of ownership through shell corporations.

Under western sanctions in relation to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Mr Vekselberg’s property are frozen in the US and he is restricted from working with American companies.

The billionaire acquired his wealth through investments into Russia’s oil and aluminum corporations, according to sources.