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Father shoots man watching his daughter through window

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A father in Texas reportedly shot a intoxicated man after the man was found peeking through his daughter’s window while touching himself.

The incident occurred about 10 p.m. on Sunday.

The father told reporters that he and his wife were alerted to the incident after hearing their daughter scream.

The couple then both armed themselves before going outside to confront the man.

When the couple went outside, they demanded that the suspect lay on the ground and wait for the police to arrive, however, the suspect instead walked across the street to a gas station.

The parents then followed the suspect to the gas station and the mother stayed outside with the suspect to make sure he did not get away, while the father went inside the gas station to call the police.

The suspect then managed to wrestle the gun out of the woman’s hand and began pointing it at her. That’s when the husband opened fire on the suspect, shooting him three times.

The suspect was rushed an area hospital in critical condition.

Authorities say that the incident is still under investigation.