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Father breaks window to rescue baby after accidently locking keys in hot car

Harlingen, TX– A father in Texas was forced to break the windshield of his family’s vehicle to rescue his child after accidentally locking the child and the vehicle keys inside of the vehicle.
The incident occurred in the parking lot of an HEB in Harlingen around 10:30 am Wednesday.
Video from the scene shows the father using a tire iron to break the windshield as the temperature outside continued to climb.
Once there was an opening, bystanders attempted to reach through the windshield to unlock the door but could not. A woman eventually climbed through the broken windshield to free the child.
It is unclear how long the child was in the vehicle when the family decided to break the window, but temperatures in the area have been consistently above 100 degrees.
Despite being a little distressed, authorities say the child is fine.