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Father arrested after twins found unresponsive

Flashing Lights On Police Car

A 26-year-old Florida man has been arrested after his two-month-old twins were found unresponsive while in his care.

The incident was reported on Sunday at a home on NW 9th Avenue.

Authorities say they responded to the home to find one of the twins unresponsive and shortly after they arrived, the second twin became unresponsive.

The twin’s father Kelon Alex Tyson, told authorities that he took the children to the home and fed them before putting them down for a nap. Tyson says he then went back into the room to check on the twins a short time later and noticed that one of the twins was unresponsive and that’s when he called the police.

Health professionals determined that the children may have overdosed on some type of drug and made the decision to administer Narcan while they were being taken to Bethesda Memorial Hospital.

At the hospital, doctors say they found traces of Benzodiazepines in one of the children’s systems but say they believe the other child may have ingested a smaller amount which was now undetectable.

Tyson told authorities that he left the children alone in the room for around 80 minutes and has no idea how they could have gotten hold of the drug.

Authorities said they found no drugs in the home but they did find a bright green rock wrapped in plastic in Tyson’s car, that resembled ones used for illegal drugs.

Field test on the rock came back negative, however, authorities are conducting a final test inside a lab.

The mother of the children says their family experienced a similar situation when the children were left in Tyson’s care, but that there was no indication of an overdose at the time.

Tyson is now facing two counts of child neglect.