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Family sues funeral home after wrong body put in casket

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A family in California is suing a funeral home after employees accidentally put the wrong body into their family member’s casket.

According to the report, the mistake was realized in the middle of the funeral when the family opened the casket for a viewing of the body.

The family says they opened the casket to find a stranger dressed in the family’s ceremonial funeral clothes.

The lawsuit filed on Feb. 2nd against Fresno Funeral Chapel, alleges that the mistake left the family traumatized and fearful that because of the mistake, their loved one will not make it to their final resting place:

“The afterlife and its preparation is of extreme significance for both the living and the departed. Indeed, many Hmong believe that when the body is mishandled, and the funeral songs sung, the deceased relative not only fails to make their journey to the afterlife, but the deceased stays lost between this life and the next and curses the surviving family members,” the lawsuit says, The Bee reported.

The funeral home has since released a statement taking responsibility for the incident:

“It was our mistake for putting the wrong body out,” Steven Smith, the chapel’s funeral director, told the outlet. “We should have double checked.”

“I pray it doesn’t happen again,” he added.