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Woman on edge after finding stranger living under house

AP police, emergency

Several homeowners in a Virginia community are on edge after a homeless man was found living under a woman’s home.

The person was discovered on November 5th by the woman’s neighbor who saw the man crawl out from under the home with a pillow:

“The police are showing up to my house, saying that someone drove by and saw a man get out of my crawl space with a pillow,” Kasey Falls said. “It is scary. He was just living there and I didn’t know.”

While Falls told reporters that they discovered the homeless man under the home on November 5th, she believes he may have been actually living under the home for several weeks.

Falls says she started seeing cigarette butts on her property and hearing strange noises under the home two weeks prior to the man’s discovery.

“The four-year-old woke up one night and heard noises, ran to my bedroom,” Falls said.

It is unclear if the man who was seen crawling from under the home has been identified or interviewed by police.

According to the report, the state has no city run homeless shelters but those who find themselves in that situation can find help at the Hopewell Department of Social Services.