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Family mourning after dog shot by police

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A teen’s dog is dead after it was shot by a Miami-Dade Police officer who was responding to a landlord-tenant dispute.
The incident occurred Saturday at an apartment along Northwest 28th Avenue, near 103rd Street.
According to the report, the landlord reportedly came to the apartment to serve the tenant an eviction notice but then contacted police when they heard a dog barking inside.
The teen’s aunt says the teen attempted to put the dog away when authorities arrived, but at some point, things escalated and the dog was shot by the officer.
The teen’s aunt also told reporters that officials would not allow the family to get the dog treatment for some time.
When the family was allowed to take the dog to the vet, they were told that the dog would have to be put down.
MDPD Interim Director George A. Perez says that they are investigating the incident:
“It is distressing for all involved anytime an officer discharges their firearm. We care about each of our community members, including our pets, and will maintain our stance on transparency throughout this investigation.”​
No other details are available at this time.