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Family looking for answers after 5-year-old wanders off of school campus

Virus Outbreak Florida School
(AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee)

A family in north Florida is asking for answers after a 5-year-old student disappeared from his school for nearly two hours.
The incident occurred last Friday at Montclair Elementary.
The family told reporters that the grandmother arrived at the school to pick up the student and was told by the teacher that she did not know where the student was and that he must have wandered off.
The family also reported that no one wanted to help them find the child:
“The principal ain’t anywhere to be found! Or the teacher!” Brenda Thomas, the child’s grandmother said. “Why didn’t you stay there to help my grandmother find your student? That’s not ok! That’s not someone you want watching children.”
Thomas took matters into her own hands and began driving around the neighborhood looking for the child.
Around an hour and a half after the child disappeared and with the help of some family members, Thomas says she found the boy.
“Found my baby down Montpellier, walking! Crying! All sweaty, scared, shaking!” Thomas said. “My baby’s still scared. He’s traumatized because he didn’t know if he’d make it home.”
The child’s mother says though the school is aware of the incident, she has yet to hear from the teacher or the principal.
“He’s just 5 y’all,” Thomas said. “All these kidnappers, traffickers, anybody could’ve got my baby and I would’ve never seen him no more. I want them to be held responsible for what happened to my grandbaby. And I’m not gonna stop until I get answers.”