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Famed Canadian sniper, ‘Wali” is in Ukraine

Hundreds of Canadians have flown to Ukraine to to join the more than 500 Canadians already in Ukraine to fight the Russians. Among them, a 40-year-old computer programmer said to be one of the world’s most feared snipers.

The marksman known by the nickname “Wali” served in the Royal Canadian Regiment, fighting in Afghanistan and it’s said he shot and killed an ISIS terrorist from more than two miles away.

‘Wali,’ whose real name is being kept confidential,  is A French-Canadian computer scientist who served twice in the Afghanistan war during the operations in Kandahar.

Between 2009 and 2011, he earned the nickname ‘Wali’ for his prowess with his sniper rifle.

As part of the elite JTF-2 unit, he joined the rarified atmosphere of snipers with the longest distance kill record.

When president Volodymir Zelenski started calling foreign soldiers to join the fight against Russia, ‘Wali’ didn’t hesitate to leave his IT job and arrived on Wednesday as part of the Canadian contingent.

The United States has sent Vice President Kamala Harris to Poland.