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False ‘active shooting’ reports lead to mayhem at Miami’s Dolphin Mall

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(AP Photo/Natalie Behring)

(SWEETWATER, FLA) — False active shooting reports at Dolphin Mall led to chaos and panic for shoppers at Miami’s Dolphin Mall Sunday afternoon, according to authorities.

Sweetwater Police said they received ‘several 911 calls of a shooting’ at the mall mid-afternoon, and that no shots were fired.

“We are currently working an active scene involving a stolen vehicle near the entrance of the mall,” Sweetwater Police tweeted. “Everything is SAFE and SECURE as we investigate.”

Multiple shoppers took to Twitter claiming the chaos stemmed from an alleged fight.

“There was a shooting scare at dolphin mall during my shift at Starbucks,” a user tweeted. “Everyones ok but it started from a fight. People running away and screaming.”

“We were inside the mall, and heard like someone fighting,” another said on Twitter. “Then people screaming, and running.”

Shoppers also claimed on Twitter that many stores within Dolphin Mall locked down for safety reasons, as deputies actively investigate.