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Fake Kamala Harris Shows Up at Lantana Biden Rally and is Busted by Laura Loomer


This is pretty nuts.

A Kamala Harris impersonator showed up to a Biden rally over the weekend in Palm Beach County and fooled some voters into thinking she was the real deal.

On Sunday a stretch limo pulled up and a Kamala Harris look-alike jumped out to take photographs and duped voters.
Kamala Harris was in Florida on Saturday. The Biden Marketing campaign stated they’d be campaigning in Florida on Sunday.

That is, until congressional candidate, Laura Loomer called her out and sent her and her fake security detail scurrying away.
On Sunday afternoon Laura Loomer was campaigning in Palm Seashore, Florida, President Donald Trump’s residence district. Laura was greeting voters on the Lantana Department Library in Palm Seashore.

Laura Loomer is presently in close race with Democratic incumbent Congresswoman Louis Frankel. Laura says she is leading in the polls.

Because the Kamala look-alike was taking photos with voters, Laura Loomer outed her as a pretend!

Laura Loomer shouted, “That’s not Kamala Harris! That’s very misleading to the voters!”

The pretend Kamala fled the scene as soon as she was uncovered.

Jen and Bill spoke with Laura Loomer about this whole ordeal. Was it planned by the Biden campaign? Did Laura know they were coming?

You can hear it all here.