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Facebook removes Trump’s campaign ads with Nazi symbolism for hate-speech violations

Facebook has pulled posts and ads from Donald Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign over Nazi imagery that violates Facebook’s policy banning “organized hate.”

The Trump ads stated “Dangerous MOBS of far-left groups,” which it claimed are “running through our streets and causing absolute mayhem.” The ads featured an upside-down triangle, which anti-hate groups said was strikingly similar to notorious Nazi symbols denoting political prisoners in World War II concentration camps.


The Trump ads also said “stand with your President and declare ANTIFA a Terrorist Organization.”

The Trump campaign claimed that the down-pointing red triangle is an emoji and “symbol widely used by Antifia.”

 The Trump campaign also said it is not included in the Anti-Defamation League’s Hate Symbols Database. Meanwhile, ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt said in a statement on Twitter that Nazis used “red triangles to identify their political victims in concentration camps. Using it to attack political opponents is highly offensive. @POTUS’ campaign needs to learn its history, as ignorance is no excuse for using Nazi-related symbols.”