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Eye in the sky: High-tech drones aid first responders in Coral Gables

Machines and robots taking over the world is a scenario we have seen thousands of times in film, but now art is imitating life in Coral Gables.

Law enforcement is using a new cutting-edge technology to stop crime, and it involves electronic eyes in the sky.

First responders are using drones with infrared heat-seeking technology to catch criminals.
The drones were first used on July 4 in Coral Gables, to monitor the safety of 40,000 people watching fireworks at the Biltmore hotel.

“We were able to check its entire perimeter. Make sure everything was secure,” said Police Chief Ed Hudak Jr.

Law enforcement in Coral Gables are looking to dispatch the drones prior to sending police, which would alert officers on what to expect.

“If we can see where that person is going, we reduce the time it takes to contain that person and save lives,” Hudak said.

Doron Kemper, the CEO of Bonds Air Guardian, denies that the drones violate the fourth amendment right to an illegal search and seizure.

“We are not patrolling. We are not running any surveillance. If we know a human is needed, we will fly the drone as quickly as possible, as soon as possible, and give the authorities a good image of the situation,” Kemper said. “There is no secondary mission.”

The July 4th test run clears the way for law enforcement to integrate drones into their crime prevention arsenal in South Florida.

Writer, Julianna Caban, contributed to the story.