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Exploded package at Northeastern University ‘came from Pelican case with manifesto bashing Mark Zuckerberg’; reports

AP police, emergency

(NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY, BOSTON) – A package that exploded at Northeastern University Tuesday night leaving one injured was reportedly in a ‘pelican-style case’ and contained a grotesque manifesto that slandered ‘virtual reality’ and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, according to reports.

WBZ-TV News Anchor David Wade claims ‘the package that exploded at Northeastern University was in a ‘Pelican case’ and contained a manifesto bashing virtual reality and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

The investigation follows after Boston EMS units responded to a package that detonated at 7:18 pm Tuesday night after being opened by a male staff member, according to authorities.

Deputies say the 45-year-old male was transported to a hospital for treatment after sustaining injuries to his hand.

‘We were in class and then we saw two policemen walk through the building,’ Northeastern student Jacob Isaacs told 7News, ‘and then as soon as we look out the window, we see a fire truck with the lights on blazing.

Northeastern University Police Department urges people to avoid the scene of the explosion at Holmes Hall on Leon Street.

This is an active investigation, and the source of the package is currently unknown.