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Exciting Night for Joe Biden on Super Tuesday

Super Tuesday voting is over and Joe Biden leads in the delegate count over Bernie Sanders. Biden won Texas, but Sanders still believes there is a path to victory after winning Colorado and leading in California. Despite spending hundreds of millions of dollars, Michael Bloomberg had a disappointing Super Tuesday which he spent in West Palm Beach. Bloomberg has spent over a half billion dollars and he only has 44 delegates. He will reassess his campaign’s future today.

The future of Sen. Elizabeth Warren is also in doubt after she came in third in her home state of Massachusetts. Tusli Gabard picked up one delegate in American Samoa. Gabbard, who represents Hawaii in Congress, has failed to qualify for the past few debates. But she has trudged along in the race despite receiving zero votes in Iowa and a low percentage in the other early states. While many have begun to ignore her as a candidate altogether, Gabbard has held on longer than top contenders like Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar, who dropped out after South Carolina’s primary on Saturday. People on social media are praising the quick actions of Joe Biden’s wife, Jill, and his top adviser, Symone Sanders, after they fought off a vegan protester last night. Biden was speaking in Los Angeles when a protester jumped on stage with a sign reading “let dairy die.” Jill Biden immediately jumped in to block the protester. A second protester then jumped on stage and Jill Biden grabbed her and physically pushed her away. Sanders ran after the protester, tackling her and dragging her off stage.