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Ex-NFL player Kevin Ware ‘tampered’ girlfriend’s corpse; charged with murder

(TEXAS) – Former NFL Star Kevin Ware, 41,  is being charged for allegedly murdering his girlfriend Taylor Pomanski, 29, following her disappearance from a house party April 26 of last year.

Pomanski’s remains were discovered in December and identified back in April.

Ware, who previously played for San Francisco and Washington, was listed as the primary suspect and arrested in June on ‘unrelated charges.’

“Prosecutors presented the evidence to a Harris County grand jury, which determined there was sufficient evidence for criminal charges,” affirmed Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg. “We will follow the evidence wherever it leads and apply the law equally to all.”

Harris Country District Attorney’s Office announced Thursday that Ware would be charged with murder as well as tampering evidence, including Pomanski’s corpse, and will likely face a minimum of 15 years if convicted.

Prosecutor Lacy Johnson, who is handling Ware’s case, said in a statement: “We encourage anyone who has knowledge of what happened between Kevin and Taylor to come forward.”

According to FOX26, Ware was arrested a week prior to his girlfriend’s disappearance after law enforcement discovered he was in possession of methamphetamine, cocaine, and a loaded AK-47.

Staff Writer, Julianna Caban, contributed to this story.