Ever Wonder What We’re Talking About? Follow Along With Our Morning Show Glossary!

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We say a lot of things in the course of our show on a daily basis and it occurred to us that it’s possible not everyone may be up to speed on our little nicknames. That’s why we decided to have some fun and make a little glossary for you to follow along with 🙂

“Little Chubby” – Kim Jong-un

“Butthole Eyes” – Pete Davidson

“Goldilocks” –  Jaguars Quarterback Trevor Lawrence

“Ginger Devil” or just “The Devil” – NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell

“The Pike” – Turnpike

“The Rock” – Hard Rock Stadium

“Brandon” – Joe Biden

“Bit Burglar” – A person who steals a bit topic, normally reserved for Karen Curtis

“Off Trackistan” – When we take an ADD-induced hard right

“Crazy Eyes’ – AOC

“Human Pimple” – Brian Stelter

“Fauxcahontas” – Sen. Elizabeth Warren

“Peppermint Patty” – White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki

“The Human Thumb” – Jeff Bezos

“Heavy D” “The Do Ron Ron” RegeneRon DeSantis”  – FL Gov. Ron DeSantis

“The Five Head” – Peyton Manning

“Warren Wilhelm Jr.” – Bill De Blasio

“Floribama” – Jen’s far far away home

“Confrontation County” – Jen’s made up reality show

“Friday Jr.” – Thursday

“The Pizzle” – Port Saint Lucie

“The Little Dictator” – Fauci

“Nancy Pelousy” – Nancy Pelosi

“Fat Jerry” – Congressman Jerry Nadler

“Struggle Bus” – Refers to anyone or anything who is struggling through a situation or when something goes wrong. Ex. “Diener can’t do anything right today, he’s on the struggle bus.”

“Oc-a-la” – The way we say the name of Ocala, FL.

“Beetlejuice” – Lori Lightfoot

Karl – The giant spider that was crawling around in Diener’s car back in 2019 on his way to the station. He almost drove into a semi truck in a panic as the spider crawled across his windshield. The team went out to his car to look for it after the show that day…it was never found.

Lines from the “Godfather” – We quote it all the time.

“Horse Face” – What Jen calls Camilla, the wife of Prince Charles. This moniker stuck in her head after she heard the British tabloids referring to Camilla with this name during rumors of her affair while Prince Charles was still with Princess Diana. This name has been branded into Jen’s brain, so that’s why she still says it.