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Elton John dedicates song “Tiny Dancer” to Parkland shooting victim

(BROWARD COUNTY, FLA) — The father of a Parkland shooting victim, Jaime Guttenberg, says he will be forever grateful to Elton John for dedicating his famous song ‘Tiny Dancer’ to Fred’s daughter.

Elson dedicated the song during a concert last week in Pittsburgh.

According to Fred, he knew his sister was attending the concert, so he Tweeted how much the song meant to Jaime, who was a dancer.

Elson John found out about the Tweet and before performing the song, he said, ‘this is for Jaime, and thank you for dancing to my song.’

Fred’s sister called from the concert as John was performing it so Fred could listen to the dedication.

Elton John said he received an email about Jamie’s death before he went on and was very “upset to think someone so beautiful and so young could be spent in in such an awful way.”