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Elon Musk buys billions in Twitter stock

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The world’s richest man who has a huge Twitter following is now the biggest individual shareholder of Twitter stock.

A filing today shows that Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk recently bought 9.2% of stock in the social media giant.

Elon Musk Twitter

The stake is worth nearly $3 billion dollars.

Recently Musk hinted that he would start his own social media company.

He is a frequent Twitter with more than 80 million followers.   Musk has also been critical of the platform for silencing prominent right wing voices by permanently suspending accounts including that of a sitting president, Donald Trump.

Some of his tweets are so influential, they have landed him hot water with the Securities and Exchange Commission that regulates such things.

News of Musk’s purchase sent Twitter shares shooting up 20-percent in pre-market trading.