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Drunk man breaks into house full of cops

AP PhotoJohn Raoux (8)
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Deputies with the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office in Montana are reporting that a drunk man broke in to an Airbnb that they rented in Milwaukee and fell asleep. The incident occurred while the officers visited the area for a training. Around 2:30 a.m. one of the deputies said that they heard a crashing noise upstairs but was not alarmed by it because they believed it was one of the other deputies. It wasn’t until the morning hours that they became concerned about the noise after speaking with each other and finding one of the doors left open. The officers began searching the house and eventually found a “drunk dude” asleep in one of the beds. Deputies say the man did not know where he was, how he got there, or even where he thought he was. “This silly guy found the one Airbnb in all of downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin, loaded with cops,” one deputy said in a TikTok video. “He woke up in handcuffs.”


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The deputies contacted local police who took the man into custody. No charges were filed. “He was drunk and went into the wrong house,” the deputies said.