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Drone captures aerial shots of catastrophic destruction left by Hurricane Fiona

(PUERTO RICO) — Hurricane Fiona left devastating results throughout Puerto Rico, leaving the entire island without power and killing at least four, according to reports.

1,000 people were rescued from the catastrophic flooding that dumped up to 30 inches of rain in the southeastern area, triggering mudslides and excessive flooding, said the Federal Emergency Management agency.

The hurricane, which is now a Cat. 4, sustained winds of over 130+ miles per hour, and is currently headed for Canada.

Fiona’s continuously expanding wind field can mean potentially dangerous outcomes for Eastern Canada.

Meteorologists warn Nova Scotia to prepare for devastating weather Friday night.

President Biden affirmed Thursday that federal funding would completely cover costs to those affected by Hurricane Fiona in Puerto Rico for a month.

“I’ve authorized 100% — 100% federal funding for debris removal, search and rescue, water restoration and shelter and food for the whole month,” Biden stated. “To the people of Puerto Rico who are still hurting from Hurricane Maria five years later, they should know that we are with you. We’re not going to walk away. I mean it.”