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Dr. Fauci Says In-Person Learning in Schools is Healthy Default

With coronavirus death toll numbers and infections on the decline in South Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis says he wants school districts to be flexible in giving parents a choice on returning their kids to school. Doctor Anthony Fauci agrees. Dr. Fauci says that students are healthier mentally and physically with in-person learning where they have social interaction and balanced meals. He adds that proper mask-wearing and social distancing is still advised while students are in school. He also points out the adverse effects of children learning from home on parents’ schedules. Many parents are not able to go to work as a result of their children being stuck at home. Martin County’s school year will begin on Tuesday, Aug. 11 with students either learning in-person or from home…parents’ choice. In St. Lucie County’s school year starts Monday, Aug. 24 with similar learning options. Of course, the president is urging schools to open for students to learn in person.

Meanwhile the private school, Berean Christian in West Palm Beach welcomes students back for in-person learning tomorrow.