Doing Our Part To #BroadcastGood

I thought this blast from the recent past would be a good way to #BroadcastGood. At the most recent Stuart Air Show, I jumped out of a plane with the U.S. Navy SEALS jump team, the Leap Frogs. Believe me, the only way I was going to jump out of a perfectly good plane would be for a great cause – helping homeless veterans.

The problem is just as prevalent today as it was back in November, 2017 when I did this. In fact, 50,000 U.S. veterans are estimated to be homeless across the country. Here’s a way you can help locally: Stand Down House is a local organization that helps veterans get back on their feet. If you got a kick out of me screaming like a girl in the video, please give what you can through the link above. Thanks! ~ Bill



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