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Dog rescued from Fort Lauderdale storm drain

Fort Lauderdale Fire rescue
Fort Lauderdale Fire rescue

First responders in Fort Lauderdale have rescued a dog that became trapped in a storm drain for several days.
The female dog now named Nana, was rescued on Monday in the area of Melrose Park.
Witnesses told first responders that they’d been hearing whimpers and cries from the dogs for several days, however, they could not find the dog.
One of the residents took a shortcut while walking in the area and eventually came across the dog in the drain.
The dog has since been taken to the Humane Society of Broward to be checked out:
“She’s really skinny but other than that she seems very sweet,” said veterinarian Dr. Alyssa Dayton. “The rest of her physical is relatively normal, so she will kind of get increments of food for the next couple of days until we can give her her full meals again, and that’s just to make sure she doesn’t get too much food to fast.”
If you recognize this dog or are interested in adopting her, you can find more information here.