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Does VP Pence have the power to ‘decertify’ the election?

President Trump is calling on Vice President Mike Pence to help him “win the presidency” by “decertifying” the results of November’s election. But does he have the constitutional power to do so? One election expert says it’s unclear because we’ve never been down this road before. Congress will meet today to certify the Electoral College results state-by-state, and Pence will formally preside over the process. On Twitter Tuesday, Trump claimed many states want to “decertify the mistake they made in certifying incorrect and even fraudulent numbers,” and added, “Mike can send it back!”

Jen and Bill spoke with election scholar Hans Von Spakovsky with the Heritage Foundation about what constitutional powers the Vice President actually possesses in today’s electoral college certification. He says “it’s questionable and he’s not sure.” Spakovsky basically said the Vice President does not have the power but adds, “It’s questionable and there’s no clear answer because its never happened before.” He also suggests that state legislatures investigate election abnormalities and possibly pass a law that criminalizes election tampering by election officials. Democrat Joe Biden won the election, which Trump has tried to overturn in the courts, with no success.