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Doctors warn don’t do this: “Milk Crate Challenge”

Emergency room doctors warning people to not partake in the latest viral challenge that’s causing lots of injuries.

Tik-Tok users are showing off their balance and agility skills by constructing pyramids out of overturned milk crates.
Then they try to mount the pile like a stair case. Most, however, fall once they near the top of the unstable structure.
The internet is filled with videos of colossal fails at the milk crate challenge.
Not-so-bright people can be seen falling off stacks of plastic milk crates, some injuring themselves seriously.
Snoop Dogg called the milk-crate-challenge the “bridge of death.”
A professor of orthopedic surgery at Johns Hopkins University says because of the myriad ways and directions people can fall, injuries can result on whatever part of the body hits the ground or crates first.