Doctors Fired After ‘Dead’ Baby Wakes Up on the Way to Crematorium

A newborn child receives treatment (AP Photo/Ajit Solanki)

A hospital in India has fired two of its doctors after a baby who was declared dead, maliciously woke up while its family was driving him to his funeral. The incident occurred Thursday at the Max Healthcare hospital, one of 14 hospitals in New Delhi. The mother’s twin babies were placed into plastic bags after they were delivered prematurely at just five months. According to the report, one of the twins was stillborn while the other was said to have passed away a short time later. The twins were given to the family to be cremated, however, on the way to the crematorium, the family noticed movement in one of the bags. When they opened the bag, they realized that one of the babies was alive.

The child was rushed back to the hospital where it was placed on life-support.

Max Healthcare has since released a statement saying:

“We are shaken and concerned at this rare incident,” the hospital said. “We are in constant touch with the parents and are providing all the needed support.”

The hospital also says the firing of the two doctors was a show of “strict action” and a “reflection of our commitment to higher standards of care,” but should not be viewed as a finding of fault against the physician. The India Medical Association weighed in on the matter and issued a warning to other hospitals saying that a body’s metabolism can be “suspended” in cases of severe hypothermia and may protect against oxygen deprivation for an extended period of time.

Adding to the controversy according to USAToday, the child’s father said the day before the incident, the hospital demanded more money from the couple to stop his wife’s bleeding and to ensure the lives of both his wife and the babies.

The association, as well as other agencies, are still investigating the incident.



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