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Disney to furlough workers

With it’s parks closed and no end to the coronavirus pandemic in sight, Disney has announced that it plans to furlough some of it’s workers.
Walt Disney Co. made the announcement Thursday stating that it will begin the process with the first wave on April 19th.
Worker’s who’s jobs are considered nonessential at this time, will be furloughed, however Disney says that the workers will still remain employees of the parks.
Since the parks have been closed, the entertainment company has continued to pay it’s workers and their health benefits.
In the statement Thursday, Disney says that furloughed workers will continue to receive healthcare benefits and the cost of company and employee premiums. They also stated that those enrolled in it’s program that pays college tuition can continue to take classes.
Finally, Disney says employees are also able to apply for vacation time to start their time as a furloughed worker if they choose to.
It is unclear how many employees will be furloughed, however, Disney employs over75,000 workers at Disney World and over 31,000 at Disneyland.