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Detour throws drivers for loop in downtown West Palm Beach

A detour in downtown West Palm Beach leads drivers to nowhere.

The detour, which begins at Third Street and Rosemary Avenue, takes drivers on a loop back to where they started.

Traveling west on Third Street beginning at Rosemary Avenue, drivers are directed north onto Division Avenue. From there, drivers head north for five blocks until they reach Seventh Street. A detour sign points drivers to turn east onto Seventh Street. Drivers then pass Rosemary Avenue and are forced to turn south onto Railroad Avenue, which funnels them back to Third Street, one block east of Rosemary Avenue.

Map shows detour to nowhere in downtown West Palm Beach from 3rd Street to Division Avenue to 7th Street to Railroad Avenue
According to WPTV, the city is”aware of traffic issues related to the method of transportation” involving several construction projects in the area. They are currently  reviewing plans “to improve the experience for all motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists.”