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Detective arrested for DUI after crashing into police cruiser

Flashing Lights on Police Car

A Delray Beach detective has been placed on administrative leave and is facing DUI charges after he reportedly crashed his unmarked vehicle into a Palm Beach County Sheriff’s deputy’s vehicle.

The incident was reported early Thursday on Melaleauca Lane near Military Trail.

Officials say the PBSO deputy was waiting to make a turn when he noticed a silver Chevrolet Impala drive directly into oncoming traffic. The vehicle continued traveling West and straight for the deputy’s vehicle. The deputy turned on his emergency lights in an effort to get the driver’s attention, however, the driver still crashed head on into the deputy’s vehicle.

The deputy reported that in the seconds before the crash, the driver appeared to be asleep at the wheel but the woke up once the collision occurred.

The driver then seemed to accelerate the vehicle. The deputy wrote in the report that he gave several commands for the driver to exit the car but the driver seemed “startled” and “gave a blank stare.”

Eventually the driver did exit the vehicle and identified himself as Delray Beach Police Det. Luis Bonet.

Bonet told the deputy he was a law enforcement officer and that he had just come from downtown Delray Beach where he was working a case at a bar. He told the deputy that he drank two Long Island iced teas before heading home.

He then told a second deputy that he was working an off-duty detail before later confessing that he was just drinking at a bar.

No one was hurt in the crash and authorities reported minimal damage to both vehicles.

Bonet has since been placed on paid administrative leave in addition to facing DUI charges.