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Delray Beach Police officer arrested after running over fire hose

Peter Sosa
Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office

(DELRAY BEACH, FL)– An off-duty Delray Beach police officer has been arrested after he disabled a fire truck that was working to put out a house fire.

The incident occurred around 2:00 p.m. on Oct. 2nd at a home on Barberton Road.

Palm Beach County Fire Rescue were working to contain a house fire when 42-year-old Peter Sosa drove his truck over the main line fire hose of one of the fire trucks.

Officials say Sosa put a hole in the hose which put the truck out of commission.

Despite the incident, officials were still able to put out the fire.

A Palm Beach Sheriff’s deputy attempted to get stop Sosa from fleeing the scene but Sosa continued driving and almost hit the deputy.

The deputy then got into their vehicle and went after Sosa.

During the pursuit, Sosa reportedly slammed on his brakes several times in an effort to get the deputy to hit the back of his truck.

Eventually, authorities were able to bring Sosa into custody.

Sosa is now charged with preventing or obstructing extinguishment of fire, damaging a mainline fire hose, aggravated assault on a law enforcement official with a deadly weapon, and other charges.

After Sosa was released on bond, authorities reported that Sosa sent emails to the victim, the arresting officer, the detective, and the arresting officer’s former spouse regarding the case.

A judge has ordered Sosa not to have contact with deputies listed as victims, witnesses, or their families.

He has also been ordered to surrender any firearms and ammunition to the sheriff’s office.