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Delray man harms pregnant woman after she refused to get an abortion


DELRAY BEACH, FL– A 20-year-old Delray Beach man is behind bars after he allegedly hit and pushed a woman after she told him she was pregnant.
Police say they received a call about the incident from the victim’s friend on Jan. 31.
The victim told authorities that once she told Salvatore Torres that she was pregnant, he suggested that she should get an abortion.
The response made the victim upset so she told Torres that she was 10 weeks pregnant and asked him to leave.
The victim told authorities that when she told Torres to leave, he began hitting and pushing her.
He then took her phone and her Apple watch so she could not call the police.
The victim says she began screaming and that’s when Torres threatened to kill her and the baby before throwing her phone and leaving.
The victim called her friend who then called the police.
Torres told investigators that he tried to explain to the woman how difficult it would be to raise a child at their age. He says the victim became upset and began hitting him so he grabbed her arms. The victim tried to use her phone and her Apple watch to call the police so Torres says he took it from her and left once she started screaming.
He is charged with battery on a pregnant female and assault and tampering or harassing a witness or victim.