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Delray asks Governor for more COVID enforcement

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The City of Delray has requested that they be given more control over the enforcement of COVID regulations.

The city issued a letter to Governor Ron DeSantis on Tuesday, asking him to scale back the executive order that prevents local officials from being able to enforce COVID safety measures with penalties and fines.

Mayor Shelly Petrolia explained that hundreds of younger people from all over, make their way to the city on weeknights and weekends to enjoy their nightlife, however, the city has very little say in how they can keep their city safe from COVID.

“The executive order takes away home rule,” said Petrolia. “It makes it almost impossible for a city to be able to go out there and do what is right for our population to keep everyone safe.”

Petrolia also explained that Delray is different from it’s neighboring communities and needs to be held to a different standard.

“Delray beach has a tremendous population of younger people that come down and gather together so we have different concerns from some of our neighboring communities,” Petrolia said.

In November, Governor DeSantis signed an executive order preventing local governments from enforcing mask rules.

The order also prevents local governments from enacting rules that would prevent establishments from operating at over 50% of their indoor capacity.