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Dayton mass murderer reportedly fantasied about killing before incident

AP PhotoJohn Raoux (92)
(Dayton Police Department via AP, File)

The FBI has revealed that the man responsible for killing nine people in Dayton, Ohio, two years ago reportedly fantasied about mass shootings, serial killings, and murder-suicide.

Investigators announced their conclusion of its investigation of Connor Betts on Monday.

Officials say that before the shooting Betts would share his fantasies with family members and friends but not go into detail about it.

On  Aug. 4, 2019, the then 24-year-old, went into Oregon District entertainment area and opened fire on the crowd killing nine people including his sister.

Betts reportedly was armed with an AR-15 style rifle and an extended ammunition magazine.

After the shooting occurred several people came forward with stories about Betts’ fantasies and behavior. Two classmates even told authorities that Betts was suspended from school after he came to the school with a list of female students he wanted to sexually assault.

Authorities said that Betts had a “history of obsession with violent ideations with mass shootings and expressed a desire to commit a mass shooting.” The FBI also said it uncovered evidence Betts “looked into violent ideologies.”

In the two-page FBI summary, authorities also pointed out the importance of speaking up in situations such as this.