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Dashcam video shows Miami man shooting at driver

New dashcam footage shows the moment a former fire inspector with Miami Beach Fire Rescue opened fire on another driver during a road rage incident.

The incident occurred at 7 a.m. on June 21st near Northwest 151st Street.

Authorities say the suspect identified as Eric Popper was traveling southbound on I-95 in a black SUV when he reportedly cut off another driver.

The video of the incident provided by WMEN’s Andy Slater shows Popper singing before he switches lanes.

He then is heard saying “On, my God,” before the vehicle behind him honked his horn.

Popper then yells “[Expletive] off.”

Popper then slammed on his brakes.

That’s when the other driver sped up and on the side of Popper and began waving his hands.

Popper then took a gun out of the center console and opened fire on the vehicle.

Authorities both drivers then pulled over in different locations and contacted police.

Popper told investigators that he opened fire on the other vehicle only after the other driver opened fire on him, however, no bullet holes were found on his vehicle.

When authorities spoke to the other driver, the driver told them that he did not have a gun but he did throw a water bottle at Popper’s car.

Since the incident,  Popper has resigned from his job and now faces several charges. He handed over the dashcam video.