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Dalia Dippolito’s former lover found dead

Reality Show-Murder for H
(Lannis Waters /Palm Beach Post , Poolvia AP)

Police in Sebring, Florida are currently investigating the death of a man who had an intimate relationship with Dalia Dippolito before becoming a “reluctant” police informant in her case.

40-year-old Mohamed Shihadeh was found dead in his apartment on October 24th.

Authorities say Shihadeh’s brother found his body while conducting a welfare check after other family members could not get ahold of him.

Officials are still working to determine a cause of death at this time.

Dalia gained notoriety in 2009 after she attempted to hire someone to kill her then husband Michael Dippolito and the investigation was featured on the show “Cops.”

Dalia was reportedly unaware that she was communicating with an undercover officer according to prosecutors, but her lawyers claimed that Dalia was acting due to the show.

Dalia’s conviction was delayed due to a hung jury, but she was eventually convicted in 2017 for soliciting first-degree murder and sentenced to 16 years behind bars.