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CVS and Rite Aid no longer limiting purchase of emergency contraceptives after sales returned to normal

(AP Photo/Elise Amendola, File)

CVS and Rite Aid are reporting that they are removing the purchase limit previously placed on emergency contraceptive pills now that purchasing has returned to normal. 

Both stores placed a purchase limit on the “morning-after pill” Saturday after they saw a sharp increase in the sale of the products. 

The company says they placed the limit on the products to “ ensure equitable access.”

Purchase of the products sharply increased after the Supreme Court ruled to overturn Roe vs. Wade last Friday. 

The choice to set abortion policies is now in the hands of individual state leaders.   

States such as ArkansasIdahoKentuckyMississippiMissouriNorth DakotaOklahomaWisconsin, South DakotaTennesseeTexas, and Wyoming have already moved to outlaw or restrict access to abortions within the first and second trimesters in some cases. 

Louisiana and Utah’s decision hangs in the balance after judges temporarily blocked the states from enforcing the ban. 

Many people believe that the restriction of medical access to abortions is just the beginning and that emergency contraception like Plan B will be the next target. 

As of late Tuesday, a purchase limit of three pills per customer still remains active on their online stores. 

CVS, however, reassured customers that the purchase limit will be removed over the next 24 hours.

Other retailers such as Amazon, and Walmart also put purchase limits in place. According to Walmart, their website changes “during times of fluctuating demand.”  

Walgreens does not have a purchase limit in place.