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Customer threatens worker with gun after being asked to wear a mask

A store clerk at an undisclosed location is reporting that when he asked a customer to follow the governor’s and the store’s mandate regarding mask the customer threatened him with a gun.

The incident was reported at a pet store in Albuquerque, New Mexico on Thursday.

Cody Westfall says a day after the governor mandated that mask must be worn in public places, a customer walked into the store without a mask. That’s when Westfall asked if he had a mask.

“I asked ‘do you happen to have a mask on you? He said,’ no’ kind of dismissively,” Westfall said.

Moments later the customer turned back to Westfall and asked  “are you going to make me wear a mask?”

Westfall replied that ” not only is it a personal preference for our store but as of yesterday, it is now government mandated.”

At that point, Westfall said the man gestured to the gun on his hip and asked “are you sure you’re going to make me wear a mask?”

Westfall says the man did the gesture a second time and that’s when Westfall knew the man was threatening him.

The man then left the store and Westfall called the police.

The Albuquerque Police Department was able to identify the man who lives in Rio Rancho. An off-duty officer from the area was sent to the home where they made contact with the man but no report was filed.

While there have been no charges filed as of yet, Westfall says he would like charges to be filed because not only did he feel personally threatened but he feels that people who take their refusal to wear a mask that far are a threat to everyone.

Albuquerue police say they have forwarded their report to a specialized unit for further review.