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Customer fed up with waiting in long lines at Walmart pours products all over different store

Tilden Township Police Department
Tilden Township Police Department

TILDEN Whitehall Township., PA– A 46-year-old man is facing vandalism charges after he destroyed a Walmart store on two occasions because he was frustrated with the customer service and long lines at another Walmart store.
Leonard Repp Jr. was taken into custody on January 30th, following the incidents that occurred on Jan. 14 and Jan. 20.
Authorities say that on Jan. 14, Repp went to a Walmart in Tilden and began pouring bleach, motor oil, dish soap, maple syrup, and jelly onto the floor in several aisles.
Officials say the incident “created a hazardous condition for customers and employees who almost slipped and fell in the liquids.”
Repp returned to the store on Jan. 20 and dumped bleach, pickles, and hot sauce on the ground.
Both times authorities say Repp was accompanied by a 13-year-old juvenile.
The Tilden Township Police released surveillance footage of Repp and with the public’s help, were able to identify him.
Repp told authorities that he was frustrated with the Walmart in the Lehigh Valley area, so he went to the Tilden Walmart to take out his anger.
Repp is being charged with misdemeanor Corruption of Minors, misdemeanor Disorderly Conduct, and summary criminal mischief.