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Curtis Reeves’ Florida theater shooting trial begins

Jury selection and voir dire is underway in the murder trial of Curtis Reeves who is charged in the shooting death of a man texting in a Florida movie theater.
Back in 2014, during a matinée movie in Pasco County, Reeves, a retired Tampa police captain shot and killed a man over a cell phone dispute.
According to this perspective juror, the victim was using his cell phone in the darkened theater, Reeves objected, popcorn was thrown and then shots were fired.

Reeves claimed during a hearing that he feared for his life after the victim hit him in the head and verbally threatened him, and that’s why he drew his gun and fired. However, multiple eyewitnesses who were in the theater at the time had a different version of what happened.
None of them saw 43 year old Chad Oulson strike 71-year-old Reeves, and at least one felt that Reeves was the aggressor.
Ultimately, the jurors will be asked whether or not they believe Reeves acted in self-defense when he shot a man inside a Wesley Chapel movie theater on Jan. 13, 2014.