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Cubans in Miami Protest Communist Government

Thousands of Cubans are taking to the streets protesting the nation’s Communist government and a humanitarian crisis. Some of the biggest demonstrations in decades were held in cities across communist Cuba over the weekend, including the capital Havana. “Down with the dictatorship, down with the Castros,” was the chant.

The protests across Cuba are sparking demonstrations in Miami. Thousands took the streets of Little Havana yesterday in solidarity with Cubans who are upset over economic conditions and a lack of COVID vaccines.

Grievances include economic collapse, restrictions on civil liberties and the government response to the COVID-19 pandemic. They were met by thousands of pro-government supporters after a televised appeal from the president to defend the 1959 revolution which brought the Communists to power.

Videos shared on social media show protesters chanting, with some overturning police cars and looting shops. Demonstrators have also been hitting the streets in parts of Florida in solidarity with the Cuban protesters.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio believes the protests across Cuba may be a sign of things to come. The Florida Republican who parents came to the U.S. from Cuba said yesterday a leaderless, grassroots and nationwide movement is just getting started.

He warns, though, that the Cuban government may respond with bloodshed and by blocking the internet to prevent videos of the violence to be shared online.

Rubio says Cuba has a system made, sold and installed by China that controls and blocks internet access.