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Cuban-American protesters block major South Florida roadways

Protesters showing solidarity with Cubans blocked off all the southbound lanes of I-95 near Okeechobee Boulevard Tuesday night for several hours.
A local Cuban-American rally, which began around 5 p.m., halted traffic before the highway reopened around 9:15 p.m.

Also, Cuban Americans in Miami shut down the Palmetto Expressway to show support for Cubans 90-miles away.

FHP eventually cleared the street, and no arrests were made.
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis says Florida stands the Cuban people as they fight for a “fresh start” and a “free society.”
DeSantis says he’ll see if Florida companies can offer independent internet service to the island.
And Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, who is a Cuban American, is participating in the Little Havana rallies.
Elsewhere in the state, three men fare facing charges of battery on an officer and resisting arrest after an altercation during a free Cuba rally in Tampa. Meanwhile on the island itself, at least one person is dead amid the anti-government protests that erupted over the weekend. More than a hundred people are in custody or missing.
The protests against the nation’s Communist government are the largest seen in decades, sparked by an ailing economy, lack of food and medicine, the COVID-19 pandemic and U.S. sanctions.
Cuba’s president has called for pro-government supporters to also take to the streets and physically confront the protestors.
Meanwhile, the Homeland Security Secretary is issuing a strong warning to Cubans and Haitians: Don’t come to the U.S. by sea.
Cuban-born Alejandro Mayorkas said in a press conference, “The time is never right to attempt migration by sea. The risk is not worth the taking.”
Mayorkas’ statement comes at a time of unrest in the Caribbean with protests in Cuba calling for the end of the 62-year-old communist dictatorship and the recent assassination of the president of Haiti.