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Crystal Lake Middle School student arrested for threatening to kill classmates

(AP Photo/Jenny Kane, File)

A 12-year-old student at Crystal Lake Middle School has been arrested after the student produced several threatening texts about shooting up the school.
The incident occurred at the middle school at 3551 NE 3rd Ave in Pompano Beach.
The Broward Sheriff’s Office says they became aware of the situation on Tuesday after another student reposted the text online as a warning to other students.
According to the report, the text detailed a plan to “infiltrate the school from all entrances … start little by little killing people.”
Authorities also reported that the student spoke about an escape plan using the teacher’s vehicles:
“Making at least a few escapes without getting caught … We should probably steal the teachers’ vehicles … and have good armor so we won’t die,” the text read.
After an investigation, the accused student was arrested and taken to a local Juvenile Assessment Center.
While no weapon was found on the school’s campus, the student is still facing charges related to making a threat to kill.