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Crying migrant boy identified after his uncle in Miami said he paid kidnappers’ ransom

We’re learning more about the little boy found wandering along a road near the U-S-Mexico border last week and there’s a South Florida connection.

Nicaraguan authorities identify the 10-year-old migrant boy seen wandering alone along the U.S.-Mexico border in Texas’ Rio Grande Valley this past week as Wilton Eniel Gutiérrez Obregón.

The boy’s father, Lázaro Gutiérrez Laguna, says his son and wife initially headed to the U.S. in February but were kidnapped in Mexico.

The trip was financed by the mom’s brother, Misael Obregón of Miami, who found smugglers for them to get the U.S., according to Gutiérrez Laguna.

He then says he paid a ransom but only had enough for his nephew to be released. The smugglers then abandoned Wilton after leading him across the border.

The fate of Wilton’s mother is still unknown.