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COVID positive person infects 46 people and causes school to close

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Health officials in Illinois are reporting that an asymptotic person who tested positive for COVID-19 is responsible for 46 other people contracting the virus and the closure of a school.

The incident originated in February during the opening of a bar in a rural part of Illinois.

The Illinois Department of Health reported that even though the person tested positive for the virus the day before the indoor event, they still decided to attend.

26 customers and three staff members of the bar were said to have caught the virus and then unknowingly passed it on to 17 other people outside of the bar.

At least one of the attendees was said to have exposed more than two dozen people to the virus at a school through classes and at sports practice.

Two student athletes reportedly tested positive from the exposure and 13 staff members were made to quarantine.

Officials then made the decision to close the school for two weeks.

Another attendee of the event exposed co-workers and residents at a long -term care facility where they are employed. One fellow staff member and two residents were said to have become infected. At least one of the residents was hospitalized, but released from the hospital the same day.

Officials say that while the bar did have signage up encouraging patrons to wear their facemasks and to practice social distancing, patrons were inconsistent with following the guidelines.

“These findings underscore the vast impact of a single event affecting communities, schools, families, and fragile elderly,” CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky said during a White House briefing on Monday. “It emphasizes the impressive transmissibility of this virus and the continued need for layered prevention strategies.”