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COVID-19 Update: PB Cases: 1,000; Broward: 1,886; Miami-Dade: 4,146

As of Sunday evening, 12,350 people in Florida have tested positive for COVID-19, with an official death toll of 221.

Current Positive Cases in Florida as of Sunday 6 p.m. update from the Florida Department of Health:

Palm Beach County: 1,000 cases

-510 men, 481 women

-49 deaths

-159 hospitalizations

Broward County: 1,886 cases

-1,025 men, 828 women

-40 deaths

-239 hospitalizations

Miami-Dade County: 4,146 cases

-2,231 men, 1,859 women

-31 deaths

-251 hospitalizations

Testing in Florida:

-115,651 tests administered

-12,350 positive tests

-103,301 negative tests

There are 331,234 confirmed cases and 9,562 deaths in the country at this point, with New York serving as the epicenter of the crisis.

The number of people who have been tested in Florida is second is the nation only to New York.

“This is an incredible achievement by any measure, and it is all due to the hard work and great sacrifice by Florida’s thousands of health care workers and first responders who are on the front lines of this fight,” Gov. Ron DeSantis said. “These professionals will have the full weight of the State of Florida behind them as they continue to devote themselves to keeping Florida’s families safe.”