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COVID-19 Hits Home with Two Presumptive Cases in South Florida

The Florida Department of Health says there are now six cases of the new coronavirus in the state, including two in Broward county and two deaths statewide.

Three new presumptive positive cases were announced Friday night, according to FDH. There are two people in Broward County isolated at this time.

According to the health department, two men, ages 75 and 65, both in Broward County, have been identified as presumptive positive cases.

Both men are said to be in isolation and are being monitored by health officials.

According to the FDH, there are six confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Florida and there are five other repatriated cases of Florida residents outside the state who have tested positive for COVID-19.

One of the cases in the state is a non-Florida resident. There are 88 pending test results.

Two deaths have been reported from the coronavirus in Florida.

The victims who have died were a patient in Santa Rosa County, Florida’s Panhandle, following an international trip and a person in Lee County in their 70s, that also traveled abroad.

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