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UPDATED: COVID-19 Case Update: PBC 1,333; Broward 2,480; Miami-Dade 5,898

The number of coronavirus cases in Florida is quickly approaching the 17,000 mark.

According to the Department of Health, there are 16,826 total cases of COVID-19 in our state as of Thursday evening.

At least 371 Florida residents have died from COVID-19.

Current Positive Cases in Florida

Palm Beach County: 1,333 cases

-75 deaths

-676 men, 645 women

-239 hospitalizations

Broward County: 2,480 cases

-67 deaths

-1,341 men, 1,120 women

-357 hospitalizations

Miami-Dade County: 5,898 cases

-66 deaths

-3,092 men, 2,735 women

-450 hospitalizations

Miami-Dade County leads the state in terms of cases, while Palm Beach County has the most coronavirus-related deaths.

In Palm Beach County, those who have succumbed to the virus now include not younger people as well as the elderly. On Wednesday, three men, ages 38, 41 and 45, died, according to state health officials.

There are now 1,595,350 million cases of the disease around the world, and 95,455 others have died. The U.S. has 461,437 cases and the death toll had reached 16,478 by Thursday evening. New York leads the nation with 7,067 deaths.