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COVID-19 Case Update: PBC 1,609; Broward 2,865; Miami-Dade 6,826

According to the Department of Health, there are 19,347 total cases of COVID-19 in Florida as of Sunday morning.

At least 452 Florida residents have died from COVID-19.

Current Positive Cases in Florida

Palm Beach County: 1,609 cases

-80 deaths

-Men: 50%, Women: 49%

-263 hospitalizations

Broward County: 2,865 cases

-76 deaths

-Men: 54%, Women: 46%

-436 hospitalizations

Miami-Dade County: 6,826 cases

-97 deaths

-Men: 52%, Women: 47%

-532 hospitalizations

Testing in Florida:

-Total Tests: 183,222

-Positive: 19,347

-Negative: 163,398

Across South Florida, which is the epicenter of the state’s coronavirus outbreak, most of the people who have died so far have had a preexisting condition such as heart disease or diabetes.