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Couple wins lotto after getting wrong ticket

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An Arkansas couple is $1 million richer after the cashier misunderstood their lotto request and gave them the wrong ticket.

According to the report, Michael and Carrie Middlebrook went to Jordan’s Kwik Stop on Tuesday to purchase lotto tickets.

Mrs. Middlebrook asked the cashier for one $2 scratch-off, two $10 tickets and a 5-Buck Bundle, however, the cashier gave Carrie a $1 Million Spectacular scratch-off ticket instead.

Despite the mistake, Mrs. Middlebrook took the Million Spectacular scratch off ticket and found that it was a winning ticket.

“I thought she had hit a deer!” Mike Middlebrook told reporters. ” I looked at the ticket and couldn’t believe it.”

The Middlebrooks say they plan to use their lotto winnings to first pay off their house and vehicles and then use the rest to fund their retirement.